SceneHD is back!

SceneHD is back up and working! If you can't access the site yet, just wait for your DNS to update by itself.

Update: If the site is still inaccessible you may want to flush your DNS or edit your hosts file.
For help to do so, or any other support, please join our help channel on IRC: irc://

Please do not post questions here on the blog as Staff will not regularly check the blog as long as the site is working properly.

Posted by: bitbybit

Congrats and good luck.

2010-10-05 @ 19:10:34
Posted by: kent isaksson

hey there my account has been disabled

why ???

plz help me

2010-10-05 @ 19:22:05
Posted by: nem99

Join the IRC help channel and we will help you sort it out! ;)

2010-10-05 @ 19:48:48
Posted by:


2010-10-06 @ 00:24:45
Posted by: Thewli

Hi there, I can't access my account, and when I try to get my password e-mailed to me via the "forgot your password" link, I get no e-mail! And i can't seem to find the mirc channel to ask for help there.

2010-10-06 @ 20:31:00
Posted by: Thewli

Hi there! I have some trouble logging in to the site, and the "recover your password" doesn't work... And I also can't seem to find the correct IRC channel. Any suggestions? =)

2010-10-06 @ 21:49:34
Posted by: Staff


Join our support channel and ask for help there.


2010-10-06 @ 23:25:50

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