Maintenance downtime (2011-05-27)

Later this evening we will perform maintenance on our server.
The maintenance is scheduled to 8:00 PM CET (20:00 Swedish time).
Do not shut down your torrent clients during this maintenance or else your upload won't be counted.

Posted by: ShowMe

Still down? It's already more than 18 hours past the given maintenance time, and I'm worried.

2011-05-28 @ 14:23:44
Posted by: bdM

the maintance has been done, was up 22.00 gmt+1 yesterday. something else happening.

2011-05-28 @ 14:50:13
Posted by: p1neapple

I´m worried too :/ no info somewhere? cant remember the irc server so cant get in there..

2011-05-28 @ 14:57:13
Posted by: bdM


2011-05-28 @ 15:13:31
Posted by: ShowMe

Don't have access to irc from here. Can someone post an explanation to this blog?

2011-05-28 @ 15:30:37
Posted by: ADMIN

The issue at hand was that somehow a binary got corrupt during the upgrade process (zsh to be specific, which disallowed me to login, since it was corrupt). Gained access through another staff members account, and I'm now continuing the process.

I can't give you an ETA, since I'm implementing several new features for security and stability. And compiling stuff takes time. Should be back online later this evening though.


2011-05-28 @ 15:57:15
Posted by: ADMIN

IRC is at:, with channels #scenehd and

2011-05-28 @ 16:08:51
Posted by: ShowMe

Thanks a lot for the update, ADMIN. Your hard work is appreciated!

2011-05-28 @ 16:16:50
Posted by: N


2011-05-28 @ 16:48:53
Posted by: ShowMe

Hi guys,

something is wrong again, can't access the site any more since yesterday: --> network-timeout --> 502 Bad Gateway

A traceroute seems to be ok, ends with ( 136.621 ms 138.611 ms 138.835 ms

Trying that IP: --> 502 Bad Gateway

Does not look like a network problem, but a server problem.

Hopefully someone is reading this.



2011-07-25 @ 10:37:07
Posted by: :(

Same here.

Traceroute and ping ok too.

2011-07-25 @ 19:25:27
Posted by: Apamedvapen

Any chance we can start seeing some more support on the IRC channels? Been waiting for about 28 hours so far for a reply, but not a single person has replied.

2011-08-10 @ 10:01:08
Posted by: Som1

Can any1 get to the site?

2011-08-12 @ 23:51:37
Posted by: firefly

Yup... definitely down again ;/

2011-08-12 @ 23:56:52
Posted by: ADMIN

Will be back shortly

2011-08-13 @ 00:12:33

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