Status update

We have received enough donations to order a new server and hopefully pay a few months ahead, too.
Please do not send any more donations until we have an automated system up and running on the site.

New server is ordered and said order is currently being processed.
We will begin configuring it as soon as we get the details. There's currently no ETA but it shouldn't take too long.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated!

Posted by: Zehnsucht

Hellz yeah! It creates a fuzzy and warm feeling inside to have donated and help support the best HD tracker ever :D :D

2010-10-03 @ 21:18:31
Posted by: vacum

Can't we continue to donate? The links are removed

2010-10-03 @ 21:27:30
Posted by: s

No, you can do that when the site comes up again :)

Thank you @staff.

2010-10-03 @ 21:32:44
Posted by: Staff


Not at the moment.

Please read the entire blog post for more information.

2010-10-03 @ 21:35:44
Posted by: Secret

Great! It's a good feeling when you know that you've donated. :) Keep up the good job guys.

2010-10-03 @ 21:54:56
Posted by: HDungen

Excellent news! I will donate when the site is up again! :)

2010-10-03 @ 21:57:39
Posted by: CyberT

You should make redirection to this blog from https not just from http. I was wandering what is happening and then by accident wrote http:\\ and got here.

2010-10-03 @ 22:31:40
Posted by: BRunohenri

I wanted to donate but I was one the ones that was a little apprehensive about the veracity of the message.

As soon as the donation becomes available at the site I'll do so. Great to see that many people helped, proud to be in this community.

Best Regards to all,


2010-10-03 @ 23:00:00
Posted by: Nangijala

That's great news, guys.

Keep the good work up. You rule. ;)

2010-10-03 @ 23:24:30
Posted by: br

Great news!

I'll donate as soon as the site is up and running again.

2010-10-03 @ 23:44:49
Posted by: Shelbz

I was apprehensive about donating on what could have easily been a hacked re-direct.

I have donated in the past and will gladly donate again when the site is up and has a link.

2010-10-04 @ 03:55:02
Posted by: blomqvist

I will probably donate once the site is up. My life has no meaning when the site is down.

"Oh, I want to see that movie. Just gonna... oh, it's down"!

Jaja, älskar er ;)

2010-10-04 @ 04:50:01
Posted by: Mellisaurus-[rex]


2010-10-04 @ 09:28:12
Posted by: Staff


Do you have any questions?

You can post them here or join us on IRC.

Details are in the previous blog post.

2010-10-04 @ 12:55:10
Posted by: Minters

Likewise, Ill happily donate when the site is back up and Im convinced its in the original admins hands.

However, as stated the news post on the front page was not there long (if at all) before the tracker was taken down. I check SceneHD 3-4 times a day and I didnt see any news post before the tracker went down. Likewise, I checked this blog several times after the tracker was no longer accessible and there were no new posts on it, although several people complaining about being unable to access the site on the most recent "Downtime" post, which was from about a year ago.

Im naturally a suspicious person, but I think my concerns are quite justified here.

2010-10-04 @ 12:59:10
Posted by: bitbybit

Hi. Is the site going to run again this week?

if not then when?

2010-10-04 @ 15:10:43
Posted by: Staff



We can't promise anything but as soon as possible.

2010-10-04 @ 15:39:34
Posted by: Dirk

Staff: That is very good news that you at least hope it will be up within the week. More than I could ever hope for as you go to a new server etc.. :)

Thank you for your good work!

2010-10-04 @ 16:56:44
Posted by: m0rk

Sweeeeett..... Ive missed the site so much...

2010-10-04 @ 17:40:02
Posted by: Mr Cool

Tack för att ni finns!

2010-10-04 @ 17:41:29
Posted by: Hyperaktivt barn

En sak jag fick reda på ídag var att scenehd överlévde på bídrag.

2010-10-04 @ 19:41:40
Posted by: B.A.

It's time for SceneHD to respawn :)

2010-10-04 @ 20:43:43
Posted by: majmum

I just wanna thank everyone who donated, can't explain how much this site means to me! Thank you thank you thank you! :)

I didn't donate, because i'm not 18 yet. If i was i'd probably send a few nickles to one of my favorite sites :)

2010-10-04 @ 21:36:39
Posted by: Extremesanta

I will donate whene scenehd returns, iwe missed the site and my rss

2010-10-04 @ 22:41:27
Posted by: POEL

Fucking sweet :)

2010-10-05 @ 00:10:24
Posted by: PapaGooch

I've started smoking crack again cause the site went down. Cant wait for the sites return and will be more then glad to donate.

2010-10-05 @ 04:19:04
Posted by: Tzu

SceneHD will rise like a phoenix :D

2010-10-05 @ 06:16:37
Posted by: gnarboots11

I am a mega mega donator. I also just got an 1/8th of Green Crack and I am smokin it up right now. Anybody wanna hang out and talk about shit?

2010-10-05 @ 07:06:49
Posted by: radass

Yeah this site is the best. I'm totally donating to this once it gets back up, I just pulled in a sweet 25k after flippin a quarterpounder of nosecandy to some whackedout aborigines so I'm down to donate.

to the dude above me, shits yeah brah! lets hook up at Harveys and get shitfaced on some cement mixers n jagerbombs. i still got a snuffpounch of that florida flake we can snort on. bring your happygrass and we can go tagteam smash some tranny hookers.

2010-10-05 @ 10:54:47
Posted by: x

pretty funny, like LOL.


2010-10-05 @ 12:44:16

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