Official blog retirement (2016-01-09)

As you may have noticed, this blog hasn't been updated in over a year. This blog was originally created as a fallback back when our IRC was on the same server as the site, which meant server problems would bring the IRC down with it. In recent years, IRC is hosted on a separate server which means it's unaffected by site issues. Because of this, you can officially consider this blog retired (except in the extremely unlikely event that the site and IRC go down at the same time).

Users can find IRC details on the tab aptly named IRC on the site.

DDoS (2015-01-04)

Site is currently down due to an ongoing DDoS atack.
IRC may be affected as well. There is currently no ETA on when the site will be back up.
Update 1: IRC seems stable for the time being. Join #help if you wish to get invited to the main channel.
Update 2: We're looking into possible solutions to the problem and will hopefully have more information by the end of the week.
Update 3: Site and tracker are back online. If the site is not immediately reachable for you, please allow some time for your DNS to update.

Site move in progress (2012-07-24)

The site will be offline during the server move.
We will post instructions with details on how to reach the site as soon as it's up and running in its new home.

Move complete, site back up!

Emergency maintenance (2011-08-15)

Emergency maintenance. If you have torrents seeding/leeching don't stop them if you want your stats to be updated when site goes back online again.

Maintenance downtime (2011-05-27)

Later this evening we will perform maintenance on our server.
The maintenance is scheduled to 8:00 PM CET (20:00 Swedish time).
Do not shut down your torrent clients during this maintenance or else your upload won't be counted.

SceneHD is back!

SceneHD is back up and working! If you can't access the site yet, just wait for your DNS to update by itself.

Update: If the site is still inaccessible you may want to flush your DNS or edit your hosts file.
For help to do so, or any other support, please join our help channel on IRC: irc://

Please do not post questions here on the blog as Staff will not regularly check the blog as long as the site is working properly.

Status update

We have received enough donations to order a new server and hopefully pay a few months ahead, too.
Please do not send any more donations until we have an automated system up and running on the site.

New server is ordered and said order is currently being processed.
We will begin configuring it as soon as we get the details. There's currently no ETA but it shouldn't take too long.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated!


It looks like our problems aren't going to solve themselves, and it's entirely out of our control.
The only option left is to get a new, better host.
As you may or may not know, we haven't received any donations in over a year so we don't have a dime left.
If everyone chips in, we're certain we can get the site up and running on a new host shortly.

You can donate either via Moneybookers or PayPal.
Don't forget to include your nickname somehow if you want to receive the donor icon next to your nickname when the site goes back up.

Please help out of you can. The site's future is in your hands.

Update: It has come to our attention that some users are doubting the authenticity of this blog.
We have however been using it on and off for years, whenever the site was inaccessible.
This exact text was also posted on the news page right before the DNS change.
Maybe we were too hasty to change the DNS before everyone had seen the news, we apologize for that.
But the majority of people couldn't reach SceneHD at all, so we needed to get the message out there for everyone.
If you need further proof, join IRC and check the topic there. We have removed the channel key (password) so that everyone can join.
Or contact any Staff member on other sites if you know any of us there.

Update2: We have ordered a new dedicated server and will begin configuring it as soon as possible.
There's currently no ETA as we are not sure how long it takes for our order to get confirmed.
Then we have to configure the server which could take a while. But we're getting there!
On another note, we will now have a monthly cost for the server so keep the donations coming if you are able to.
Also a big thanks to everyone who have donated and made this possible!